Recruitment Process For The Assistant Manager At Panera Essay

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The purpose of this letter is to inform you about the specific steps we have taken in the recruiting process for our assistant manager at our new Panera location in North Liberty, Iowa and what compensation strategy we plan to put in place. In order to recruit the best possible assistant manager at Panera, we plan on executing multiple recruiting methods including local advertisements, referrals from current employees of Panera, and posting the open position to general job listing sites and the corporate website. Recruiting can be described as “the process of developing a pool of qualified candidates” (Williams, p. 223). We are looking for someone to fill the assistant manager position that is highly qualified and shows an exemplary set of skills. We are going to be looking externally for an assistant manager who can bring in new ideas and perspectives that can make our company thrive since many “establishments that rely exclusively on network hiring tend to be small, less formalized, and in the private sector” (Marsden, 1994). We are going to be targeting employees that we think will fit the job description well which includes being able to complete the tasks, duties, and responsibilities expected of them and that they will fit in along with current staff members. Along with advertising in the local newspaper we will be looking at possible referrals, posting the job on general job listing sites as well as the corporate website for Panera. General job listing sites are
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