The Home Depot Recruiting Plan

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Home Depot Recruiting Plan The Home Depot (THD) is the second largest retailer (besides Wal-Mart), and the largest home improvement store in the world (THD, 2012). The company has not had any need to recruit employees in the past, but recently they have had an issue fielding applications for qualified personnel to work in their kitchen planning departments inside the stores. The issue is not that there are no willing people to fill the spots, but that THD has been unsuccessful finding people who have the qualifications to fill the positions. Associates can be recruited from other areas of a store, but the training process is extensive and expensive, so the company is looking for means to fill the positions with more qualified individuals. Thus, the training process would be shorter and less expensive, so the employee would be in the position quickly. This paper outlines a recruitment plan for the position. The Plan Job Description The first issue for the plan is to have a job description that can be easily interpreted and understood (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2010). The job in question requires the individual to understand how to run a CAD program that will demonstrate the finished kitchen to the client. The candidate must be personable and able to deal with the public and build rapport. The candidate must also have a creative thought process that allows them to take the design ideas of the customer and translate them into a cohesive plan. The position requires

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