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In recruitment advertising is the means by which job opportunities are made known to the public through the use of media, local and national newspapers, notice boards and recruitment fairs. Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and is used to encourage, persuade or manipulate an audience to continue or take some new action. Recruitment involves actively soliciting applications from potential employees (Taylor 2005). Advertising has proven to be relevant as a recruitment strategy and this is shown in the argument discussed below.
According to Secord (2003) the objective of recruitment advertising is to ensure that a sufficient pool of suitable candidates is generated from which to make a …show more content…

Also more information can be inexpensively communicated. Companies can effectively illustrate their culture. The company can quite clearly define the kind of candidates they want and those they do not want.
Using the internet is faster and cheaper than many traditional methods of recruiting (Secord 2003). Jobs can be posted on Internet sites for a modest amount, remain there for periods of thirty or sixty days or more at no additional cost, and are available twenty-four hours a day. Candidates can view detailed information about the job and the organisation and then respond electronically.
Above all else advertising as a recruitment strategy proves to be irrelevant in the following ways.
However there is a drawback to the use of websites as only a limited number of candidates can access the information. Only those with computers and those with Internet access can view the advertisement which becomes unfavourable for the recruiting company. It also takes time for those pages that do contain a lot of pictures to load especially for the people in rural areas. So this kind of advertising is limited because not everyone is accustomed to looking for jobs in such a manner.
Advertising can be expensive. It is important to ensure that suitable candidates are attracted; this should be done at the minimum of cost. Not only is it expensive to design the advertisement and to buy media space,

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