Red Kangaroo Research Paper

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Jumping Giants Red Kangaroos, who are the largest Marsupials in the world, have a plethora of fascinating facts, offspring called joeys, and Kang-Fu fights. The Red Kangaroo or Macropus rufus lives in Australia along with many of the other 61 species of Marsupials. The habitat of the Red Kangaroo is grasslands and savannah, with scattered shade. Because they are filled with powerful, heavy muscles, red kangaroos may weigh up to 200 pounds or 91 kilograms, and may grow to be 7 feet or 2.1 meters tall. Red kangaroos are herbivores; they eat mostly grass. In one hop a red kangaroo may cover the distance of 30 feet, which means that in three hops, a kangaroo can cover the length of a basketball court. Incredibly, red kangaroos can survive for many days without drinking water. Because Australia is extremely hot, kangaroos graze only early in the morning and in the evening. During the hot hours of the day, kangaroos…show more content…
Sometimes mobs gather together in groups of about 50 kangaroos. Luckily, most of the time male Red Kangaroos get along. Occasionally, however, male Red Kangaroos fight to decide who is the strongest. Most of the time, one of the kangaroos backs down before either animal is seriously injured. Rarely, a challenge becomes a fight, but when it does, they are ruthless fighters. Using their tiny front legs, the Red Kangaroos attempt to scratch, hit, and wrestle each other to the ground, while they try to land an extremely and incredibly powerful kick with their huge back legs. During most of the fight, the kangaroos use their tails to balance themselves. The winner of a Kang-Fu fight will be the only male to mate with females in the area. Red Kangaroos have a plethora of captivating facts, joeys who will grow up to be giant jumpers like their parents, and exciting but violent Kang-Fu
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