Redemption Song By Bob Marley

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Redemption Song by Bob Marley has a strong message to me to end racism, not just against African American people but all people. This song does not have many lyrics but the way he uses the specific lyrics makes the piece have a lot of meaning. This song may not be about an actual physical war with nations fighting but it is about the war on racism. I do consider that a war because it causes people to fight against one another. This song also has a lot of meaning because Bob Marley is saying all he has and all you need is your redemption song. One of the lyrics Marley sings is “But my hand was made strong, By the ‘and of the Almighty. We forward in this generation, Triumphantly”. These words mean that even though he has been through many things, his hands are strong because of the strength he gets from his Lord. I may have no affiliation with any religion but this statement still reigns true and has strong meaning. He is saying even though he has been put through tough situations he still has faith in what he believes in and that his faith hasn 't been shaken. The second part of the lyric stated above says even though we have been through tough times, this generation will move forward in victory. These two phrases put together have so much emotion in them because Marley is trying to express his struggle but not the bad parts of it but the end result and how he pushed through. One other strong lyrics Bob Marley sings are “ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;

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