Reflection About Leadership

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“For attempting to teach others is sometimes the best way of teaching ourselves” Daniel Defoe said. We learn leadership skills when going out our way to teach someone else how to do something. Teaching others lessons also help shape who you are as a person. You don’t have to always be a teacher but just know people are looking up to you. Teaching someone can come in negative as well as positive ways in society. Leaders can lead a person through a right path because they don’t want them messing up something that only comes once. But just like there are good leaders there’re bad ones too. We all have that one role model we look up to; wanting be like them. You don’t have to be like these celebrities on tv because you're not them. We want to be better than them and want more for ourselves. So strive for better and don't follow around the wrong crowd. “Shy’Drea Burriss to the office for early dismissal.” In my head I knew I had to pick up my sisters from school. Had volleyball practice after school and didn't know how this was gonna work. Their school was about 15 minutes away and practice started at 4:15pm that day. We had to rush back to my school so I can change my clothes and still be prepared for practice. I had to be at practice on time. This was my last year to make a great impression for myself as well as try-out for captain role. I knew with sports and watching my sisters I had a lot of responsibilities to take in. Had to keep up with my time as well as my

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