Reflection Of College : The Ideas Of Life Choices In College

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College is a very important part of students lives today. I have been baffled by the choices and academic opportunities colleges all over the world have to offer. As a senior in high school, you truly realize how much time really does slip between your fingers, and how serious life is about to get. It’s a new world once high school is over. There are new friends, activities, and so much more. The people I grew up with go do their own thing, while they go off and find your way as well. Time passes by fast, but the journey ahead is so much bigger than my own comprehension. I have come to the realization with what is expected of me, and I’m weighing my choices and decisions through this process. I won’t let this be a catastrophe, but a life choice I will carry on for the remainder of my time. I have done some hard research before even considering what my options could be, and I have chosen to discuss three schools that captured my attention.
Researching three schools was fun, but yet a challenge as well. I know that the college for me would be a large, populated environment; that contained a great level of social interaction. I narrowed my choices down to the schools that I felt best suited me: The University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK), The University of Tennessee Chattanooga (UTC), and East Tennessee State University (ETSU). I have chosen these schools based on the fact that they fit my criteria and basic qualifications that I am looking for. The factors that made up what
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