Reflection On Career Technical Education

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I teach Career Technical Education in a Title one high school for students who are in a credit recovery program, some with poor attendance and others that are struggling academically. Participating in the Kenan Fellows Program would grant me access to experience, tools and resources, which will increase my knowledge base. My goal is to incorporate this training into my lessons to connect and increase students’ enthusiasm for learning, thereby increasing student retention.

I believe an internship experience and an on-going relationship with an industry mentor would foster my passion for teaching. This would have a positive impact on student learning, enhance my leadership and instructional skills and contribute in the development of new resources. The internship experience would be a critical component to learning facilitation, as it would enable me to bring my career knowledge into the classroom, which would increase student exposure to “real world” learning.

Students will benefit from my Kenan fellowship experience because it will allow me to engage students in critical and project based approach, which will enable them to demonstrate skills such as teamwork
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BTLN convenes to collaborate on policy and pedagogical issues. BTLN holds monthly meetings to share resources, content and instructional skills with the other BTLN members. Utilizing the experience gained from the internship, I can become a liaison and present this knowledge to teachers, school, and district and state agencies (via Professional Development, coaching and mentorship). I would be honored to be part of a team that provides my colleagues with the expertise and experiences obtained from my Kenan Fellowship. I am confident that my colleagues would benefit from my experience because it will assist them with collaboration, introduction to new ways of teaching and provide a new approach to classroom
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