Reflection On Hard Work

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As this summer comes to a close I have sat back and reflected on all of the long hours, and hard work that has went into this internship. I have been around a group of coaches that have showed me compassion, amazing work ethic, and stern guidance. Never once did I feel like I was just some intern that was under everyone and just took all of the terrible jobs that no one else wanted to do. Now while the jobs that I did have were hard and they were strenuous. I feel like I was fully prepared to tackle and handle every single obstacle that came my way. I believe that the reason that I was able to handle all of these stressors was because of how prepared Berry has made me. Never once did I not hear a term or drill that I did not know because …show more content…

After this the players would move into the weight room where the emphasis would be placed on lower body strength so that we could have the players being able to produce a great amount of force from their lower body. On Wednesdays we would have the athletes go through the same position specific work that they went through on Tuesday so that those finer points and drills would be muscle memory by the time that the season rolled around. Once they completed these drills the athletes would have a completion between various position groups to make sure that the guys keep that competitive edge that they need during the season. On Thursday the guys had no on the field conditioning and they would be just in the weight room. During this day the emphasis would be placed on upper body strength, and the would be doing movements like the bench press, military press, and other upper body lifts so that they could produce great amounts of force with their upper body. Once Friday rolled around the athletes had a day of just conditioning. This day usually involved the greatest amount of conditioning, and usually put the greatest amount of stress on the athletes. These days are used primarily to make sure that the guys are ready for the season when it comes in the fall. On the other side of the internship, other than just have to be up at 3 am every day to be at lifts there was also a rigorous academic curriculum that we had to go through. Every Wednesday and Friday after the

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