Reflection On Lifestyle Sustainability

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Today marks one month into my lifestyle sustainability project. During the past thirty days, my family and I have gone through many steps to decide on what changes to make within our home. We put forth great efforts in hopes our lifestyle changes will prove how import sustainably is in reducing, reusing, and recycling. Although we recycle on a regular basis, I always knew there are much more that we could do to make a greater difference. I always wanted to do more, but just did not understand what we could do as a family besides recycling. I called a meeting with the family and informed them of the changes that would take place within our home. Everyone agreed and the project began. Reduction has been a slight struggle for my family during the first week. My family loves to eat out due to each of us having a very hectic and busy schedule. Reducing the number of restaurants to eat out in became one of our difficult task in the beginning, because it is much easier to purchase food rather than having home cook meals. By the end of the third week everyone was more impressed due to it was one of our biggest improvements. We actually saved more money. Water waste is still an ongoing issue there has not been much change within this area for my family. However, there is plans to reduce the amount of time during showers, laundry, and teeth brushing. There were replacing of all the light bulbs in the house, however I removed some in areas where studying
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