Reflection On Multilingual Writing

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When we first started this class I thought multilingual writing was about writing something influenced by our cultural and language backgrounds and I was somewhat right, but now accordingly to Lormier, Agosin and Balderrama’s texts, I can conclude that multilingual writing isn’t just about translations, it also means having the awareness and sensibility of making language decisions according to the audience we’re speaking to, because not everyone speaks the same language and we have to choose how we’re communicating, not only by deciding in which language we’re going to express ourselves but with what other types of communication we’ll do it, such as describing words or drawing to make our point understandable.
I’m a multilingual writer considering that I can read, write and speak in English and Spanish and I have some actual experience into that. I went to the same school in Matamoros, Mexico since I was three years old until I graduated in 2017 and English has just appeared to me naturally. I don’t remember exactly how but I know for sure that I had English class since kindergarten and as I was growing up I became interested in music albums and books and it was even easier for me to buy and have those in English for the reason that I lived in the border and I suppose that helped me with my English vocabulary
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I have great grammar and I know how you’re supposed to structure and say just everything. With English is not the same, occasionally as I’m writing I believe I sound dumb or that something is not right when I’m writing a sentence, but I want to grow as a multilingual writer so I just can’t stay in my comfort zone and I hope to learn from my mistakes. It’s inspiring getting to know stories from other multilingual writers. They lead me to think that if they can do great things with their language and experiences, I can do it
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