Praxis And Girls On The Run

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Throughout this course, I have always come back to the same idea: praxis. It was a difficult concept for me to initially understand. I blindly believed that those who are protesting and trying to bring about change are already educated. I had a blanket understanding of the idea of praxis, but it was not until we started the praxis assignment that it made sense. Going into it, I believed that what we were doing was truly intersectional; after all, we were providing transportation so more young girls could have access to Girls on the Run. But reflecting on my experience now that I have learned more about intersectionality, I look at this experience as only a starting point. I can now reflect on the fact that the program is only beginning to make efforts to become more intersectional and has a lot to improve upon. Once I applied the concepts from class to the work I was doing, I finally understood what praxis meant. I have learned that praxis is constantly evolving, and as it does, it is important to reevaluate the initial objective and make efforts to improve and expand it. Low-income families experience unique challenges. They often do not have access to necessities, let alone their wants. Programs like Girls on the Run are great and could really help these low-income girls, but these are the girls who are likely unable to participate in the program. Although the walking school bus is a step in the right direction, it is not all that is needed to provide greater access to

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