Reflection On Self Evaluation

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Self-Evaluation 1. The first evaluation I took this course was the Lifestyle assessment. On this assessment I scored a 90.6, which was an excellent score and indicated that I was engaging in behaviors and attitudes that significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I am going to break down my score on regards to the six dimensions of wellness. On the Physical Assessment I did exceptional, I scored 100/100, and almost always did what each of the ten statements said, so I had great physical wellness. On the Social Wellness Assessment, I scored an 79/100, lacking in the statements five, eight, and ten, the main issue being that I am not involved in my community at all, so I scored all right on Social wellness. On the Spiritual Wellness part, I scored 97/100, scoring lower on statement 8, but overall, I was very spiritually well. On Emotional Wellness I scored 87/100, lacking on statement five, six, and eight, but I think Emotional was one of my weaker wellnesses. On Intellectual wellness I scored 90/100, weak on statements three and six, but I was still relatively strong in my intellectual wellness. On Environmental I scored 84/100, scoring less on statement one, five, seven, and nine. I think out of all the dimensions of wellness, personally my weakest one is definitely Social, not only does the score show it, but my everyday life also used to show it. Some of my social downfalls were that I was not outgoing, I had a hard time making friends, and I just generally didn't like having conversations with people I wasn't really close with. Despite my scores, I think my strongest wellness was Spiritual wellness, because I knew my values and beliefs very well, and I lived by them every day. The dietary evaluation really helped my Physical Wellness by making me more aware of the good things I was eating that were contributing to health, as well as the bad things I was eating that were ruing my health. The stressors assignment really improved my Social wellness, and helped me to converse more; I stopped stressing about what people thought of me. Wellness worksheet 22 promoted my Spiritual wellness and made me feel more at peace. Wellness worksheet 24 advanced my Emotional wellness by making me aware of my
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