Reflection On Self Assessment Reflection Essay

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Coton Staver
MGT394 - Taylor
Self-Assessment Reflection 7

a) Resistance to Change

b) I had an RTC Score of 2.94, which means that I have average rating when it comes to resistance-to-change. I scored the following in each area: Routine Seeking- 2.20, Emotional Reaction- 4.00, Short-term Focus- 2.50, and Cognitive Rigidity 3.25.

c) Strengths: When it comes to strengths, I scored lower in the Routine Seeking and Short-term Focus categories. Therefore, I have lower resistance to these two areas. Routine Seeking encompasses the idea that as an individual, I like to have a daily routine, and often rely on that for structure. Once in a while, I do enjoy breaking my routines up and doing something unexpected or unplanned. As for Short-term Focus, I often do not focus too much on the short term effects, but rely heavily on the longterm effects to change my attitude toward a certain situation. I am fully aware of the short-term inconvenience, but can still see the potential long-term benefits that may come out of the situation. I take this into consideration when making decisions about change. For Example, I highly like routine while at work. I work in the floral department at the JDK Group in Camp Hill, and generally have a routine that I go through during the week. The type of environment I work in allows for many changes and different situations based of of each clients needs. Every Monday, I arrive at 8AM, and begin by pulling the production sheets and wedding/event files for

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