Reflection On Spiritual Orientation

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I reflect on my learning and practice in the past few weeks in the areas of class reading and teaching, triads, meeting with directees in sessions and supervision. My class reading and teaching in the last few weeks provide me with a concrete idea about spiritual direction. My understanding is that in the spiritual direction relationship, the director is to listen to on an ongoing conversation between the directee and God. The Holy Spirit has already been at work in the directee’s life before the direction session and will continue to be at work after the session is over. Typical spiritual direction questions are "Where is God in this?" or "Where has God gone and why don't I sense any divine presence at all?" It is important that "spiritual direction arises out of inviting and listening to God." One thing I learn and need to remind myself constantly is that I should not have the attitude or expectation to resolve the issue in the session. The focus on the session should be about what goes on between the directee and the Holy Spirit. The learning of the triads helps me to put my learning into practice and build my confidence in carrying out session. Those questions raised in the triad on reflecting the experience of spiritual direction helps me to be aware of my deepest feeling, noticing God's presence or a sense of holiness. The group learning provides a supportive and encouraging experience. The learning of the triads allows me to appreciate the role of a

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