Analysis of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination Teaching Sesion

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The aim of this assessment is to critically analyse my recent OSCE teaching session, in relation to the experience of how I taught a skill to a junior student. This will involve reflecting upon the experience, critically analysing my strengths in the teaching session and areas for development and evaluation about the implications for my future practice when teaching students, patients and relatives. This will be supported by relevant literature.
I felt nervous at the beginning of teaching the skill, due to the importance of the OSCE, but I began to relax because I had prepared for the assigned skill and the key points I had written allowed me to structure the teaching session. Additionally, having been the junior student in a
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For the delivery of the teaching session I felt that I created a good environment for learning, which Howard (2004) advises allows more effective learning , through being approachable and welcoming and this included introducing myself and then asking the student: their name, level of knowledge on the topic and whether there were any factors that affecting their learning needs.
An area that I could have improved upon in communication was the speed of the verbal delivery of the teaching session, especially at the beginning, because Quinn and Hughes (2007) advise that this can affect the ability to absorb information and cause loss of attention. The speed of delivery was very important for understanding because the teaching method used in this session was talking, as defined by Jarvis and Gibson (1997), with the majority of the flow of the conversation being from me to the student rather than it being more interactive and involving discussion or demonstration.
Another area that I could have improved on is tailoring the talk to the student’s knowledge level because when she advised that she had very little experience of the skill I still used all the technical terminology I had learnt, sometimes without sufficient explanation. This has to be improved because Jarvis and Gibson (1997) advise of the importance of using the correct language to bridge the gap between people with

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