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University of Westminster Westminster Business School REFLECTION BRING IMPROVEMENT Student Name: Davide Carmelo Sciuto Student ID number: 152014651 Module code and title: BKEY401 Professional Competences Seminar leader name: David Hitchcock Word Count: 846 words The passage from college to university, for students, sometimes can be a shock. There are many challenges that each student must face within the university life. The first challenge is with their selves. The second is the one that is faced with the group or team that they are working with. Since the beginning of the year with Professional competences I have faced many difficulties when it came to learn about studying independently. Meyer states that: “The concept of ‘independent learning’ is associated with, or part of, a number of other educational concepts and wider policy agenda of contemporary relevance such as ‘personalization’, ‘student-centered learning’ and ‘ownership’ of learning”. In order to get the “ownership of learning”, Kolb has studied a learning style for individuals, which is divided in four steps: “concrete experience” (emphasize personal involvement with people in everyday life), reflective observation (people understand ideas and situations from different point of view), abstract conceptualization (learning involves using theories rather than feelings), active experimentation (experimenting with changing situations), (Mobbs, R, undated). When I was studying at

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