Reflection Paper In Counseling

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Entering my third semester of clinic at Towson University’s Hearing and Balance Center I have been exposed to a variety of experiences, in terms of counseling. Counseling is a skill that is learned through years of practice. Having been under supervision in clinic for the last two semesters, I have had the opportunity to observe multiple counseling sessions performed by my clinic supervisors. Over this time, I have seen an array of approaches to counseling such as the order at which the information is given to the patient, rate, and the tone of voice. I am reminded that overtime I will develop my own counseling strategies, but for now it is helpful to observe different techniques. Going into our third lecture in counseling, my thoughts on counseling and skills have already changed. Up until now I found emotional counseling, self concept, and child abuse and neglect as the three topics that were most interesting and helpful. Emotional counseling is the ability to identify your patient’s emotions, as well as use appropriate verbal and non-verbal language to assist them in reflecting on their emotions. I believe this is an excellent skill to practice in clinical, professional, and personal life. Being able to read into people’s feelings is a critical part of emotional counseling. The advice I received was to watch for a mismatch between what a person is saying and their body language, which was extremely useful. I believe that we sometimes do emotional counseling without

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