Reflection Paper In Counseling

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I view my role as a counselor as the person who is there to help but I do not know everything. I have the skills and knowledge to structure the sessions and guide the client in the process of bettering themselves but I cannot explain to the client their personal logic. I cannot speak for how they feel because they have their own cognitive processes. Before beginning therapy, I would meet with the client to explain to them my personal beliefs and my role for therapy. Using the approach of REBT, I will be direct and confrontational but I want to ensure the client that we will be working collaboratively. Yes I will correct them and tell them what to do, but it will be planned and communicated with client. They can say no at any time and disagree with me. I am not an authoritarian figure. I also want to assure the client that I am not perfect. I am human and it is human nature to make mistakes, it is okay to make mistakes for they serve as learning and means of bettering ourselves. By making myself not seem like an all knowing perfect being, the client can relate with me as a peer and begin to dispute irrational beliefs and accept that mistakes do not make them a terrible person. If I see the client struggles to cope with mistakes, I will reveal some personal mistakes of my own to help them feel more comfortable around me. I am a warm hearted person and so using REBT would challenge me to not be too warm with the client. It could be counterproductive in creating a dependence
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