Reflection Paper On Anatomy Of Project Organizations

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PMGT 611 Reflection Paper Over the course of nine weeks in Anatomy of Project Organizations we have discussed many topics and completed numerous activities where I learned new skills that will help me in my future endeavors. These new skills and or better understanding applies to the areas of organization structure, conflict management, negotiating, steps leading to change, motivation, and presenting. In the paragraphs below, I will reflect upon how each of these has affected me and why these areas are important to me. These are not the only new skills learned in Anatomy of Project Organizations but are the ones I want to improve on in future projects. Organizational Structures To start with I thought I knew what the differences were between the various structures of an organizations, I was wrong. I always felt that the functional organization was the better choice. A functional organization just seemed the best option based on my limited knowledge as the best choice for all organizations to follow. The more I read and we discussed in class, my choice shifted to choose the right organizational structure based on what is best suited for the organization. For me this was hard to grasp. I was an individual who believed there was only one right choice, in this case the organization make up will help you choose the right structure. When you break down the various structures such as functional, dedicated teams, and matrix, I learned each had their own advantage and

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