Reflection Paper On Being In A Group

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When we first got together as a class I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this class because one I hate being in a group with random people I don’t know and two I do not like public speaking with random people. So at first I was judging this class based on my fears of being in groups with strangers, then once we got paired with our groups and I was with Tyler that made me more comfortable with talking to the group and getting to know everyone. Besides Tyler who I play football with we were grouped up with two other athletic people. First was Alex who is a member of our Girls Lacrosse team here at West Chester and is also a Junior. Next is Hannah who is also a Junior and played a ton of high school sports and her brother plays football at PennState so this adds to her athletic features in her family. So once learning we all love sorts we had to narrow it down to what we would like to observe together. We came down to the football team and the Athletic Training Program here on campus which helps our student athletes with injuries. As a group we thought that ultimately we would get a better perspective with a group other than football so we went with the AT program. This is where we came up with the name for our group which was Training Rams and if your wondering who came up with it, you guessed it Tyler Higgins. So this brings us to how we would be able to function as a group since we were all seemingly quite people. After meeting and discussing as a group for a few classes

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