Reflection Paper On Food Class

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There are many things I have learned from this class and also many skills I have gained, from learning the meaning of food to being capable of writing an essay like a pro. Before this class I had a hard time organizing my thoughts onto paper, and also had a hard time expressing how I felt to the reader. I feel I have grown tremendously from this class, and I truthfully have a hard time pinpointing the main things that will stick with me forever from this class. Almost every article made me contemplate how I was living my life, and also opened my eyes to new concepts I had never thought of before. I know for a fact I will never forget that eating should be treated as an enjoyable event with loved ones and not as a task, also that food production is a complex and extensive process, and lastly that it is important to never deprive your body of a substance it needs and to never base your diet on the label on the back of the box. Humans consume, on average, three meals a day and I was spending those meals alone and rushed through them. I have learned from this class that food is not simply an object, it is something that can bring overwhelming joy. Hearing how other countries eat compared to America was shocking, especially the fact that “some of the cultures that set their culinary course by the lights of pleasure and habit rather than nutritional science are actually healthier than we are—that is, suffer a lower incidence of diet-related health troubles” (Pollan). It was

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