Reflection Paper On Group Work

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I really enjoyed working with my PSP group this semester. Seeing them outside of class helped me get to know them more and see how they show their strengths in group work. As we got more comfortable with each other, staying focused also became more difficult but overall we were successful in getting our work done. Defaults My default behavior showed up right away in my group experience when we were stating ideas for the project. Everyone was stating what they wanted to work on and I went right into agree with the one I liked best. I am more of a listener and do not like to argue with others, so I usually wait for others to share their thoughts and select things I agree with. One time towards the end of the project, I was able to act …show more content…

With this we did not have miscommunication and had our always had our work turned in on time. I also showed leadership by hearing out everyone’s opinions and understanding why they were not able to show up some days. Sometimes you have to look from the balcony to understand why people may not be able to meet or finish their work later than was discussed. Key Take-Aways Some ways that I will “show up” in group work differently in the future is by being more engaged with stating my opinions and also being the one that creates or submits the assignments. I have noticed that whenever I state my opinion it is valued and that maybe someone else thought about it too. I have seen that even if I may be wrong about my opinion, it can clarify an issue for others as well. Also, being the one who creates or submits the assignment may not seem like that much extra work, but those people help others start their work and understand it, or catch things while they are submitting the assignment. They might see things outside from the other group members, since they are beginning their work early or quickly glancing at the end result. These initiative tasks are some changes I can make or apply to help me continue to grow in my leadership by adding another opinion to the group, but also seeing all the opinions as a whole. Peer Reviews

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