Reflection Paper On Personality

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Before this class I never thought about my personality type. I knew it was there but it has always been in the back of my mind. Personality types are based on general patterns of behavior. By knowing which personality type I am and what other peoples are, it helps me better understand their perspectives and better communicate with them. The first person who came to mind to do this assignment on was my boyfriend Gavin. We get a long great but we often struggle in the area of communication and expressing our feelings in ways that both of us understand/enjoy. As I started to learn more about the animal matrix and talking with different animals from my group, I came to the conclusion that Gavin was a lion. His personality screams independence, driven and speaks his mind. That’s where I feel like we struggle in the sense of he speaks whatever is on his mind where as I tend to keep things to myself because I don’t want to upset him. This assignment gave us an opportunity to talk about these struggles rather than ignoring them like usual. We started off the conversation talking about the Animal Matrix. I described his animal to him and all the traits that it possesses. We were both in agreement to our personality types which lead us to the conversation to how we challenge each other. With me being a monkey I’m very needy when it comes to relationships. I like verbal reassurance and with me being 5 hours away, it’s the only way. Gavin on the other hand, tends to shy away from

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