Reflection Paper On Simulation

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1 In the beginning of the semester, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the simulation. There was a lot of components involved and I wasn’t sure how we were going to be able to accomplish each component successfully. I did feel somewhat excited for the simulation however, especially since I was working in a group and we had total control over the decisions we made. My position in the group was to help with finances since I’m a Real Estate major and had more experience with finances. I am not as strong in this area, but I took it as a challenge and was anxious to see how my guidance would play out.
2 As the semester progressed, I became less nervous about how the simulation would turn out. The more rounds we completed, the easier making decisions became. My group members were extremely knowledgeable as well, and they did a great job at making sound business decisions. I also realized that we all knew more about finances than we thought so it wasn’t all up to me to make those decisions. It was also a great feeling to see how our decisions impacted our company, whether positively or negatively because it felt very real.
3 As we were going through the simulation, it became clear that a lot of our predictions weren’t very solid and that what actually happened set us back. Being in a position where you have to make future predictions is difficult as there are a lot of variables that are out of our control. When we would have stock outs or an excess of inventory it was due to our

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