Reflection Paper On The Classroom

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Reflection As I reflect on my lesson, I did not foresee students needing as much prompting during the independent practice. I had hoped the students would be able to use the visual supports to help them get through the process of building 1-1-1 words with the doubling rule without my support. I believe the students needed this prompting because I either gave an unclear explanation or I did not provide enough modeling. If I were to teach this same lesson again, I would provide more examples for the “I Do” and “We Do” portion of the lesson before expecting the students to perform successfully at an independent level. I would repeat the same information for the introduction and prior knowledge, though, because it was essential for the students to recognize vowel vs consonant suffixes and examples/non-examples of 1-1-1 words. I was surprised with how well Micheal actually knew most of the concepts even though the observation of his body language did not portray this. On a side note, he has had a really rough week behaviorally. I was surprised he actually responded to most of my prompts. I was also surprised he was able to build the word “saddest” without more support so late in the lesson. I wish he would have been more alert and attentive throughout the entire class, but I was happy to see him manipulating the tiles and answering questions when prompted. Later in the day, I communicated with his mom through a phone call to recap the week, and we are both hoping next

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