Reflection Paper On Writing And Writing

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Writing has consistently been a shortcoming throughout my life. The content of my paper was typically not the issue, the organization of the ideas was. I always had good ideas to write about, but I never knew how to organize those thoughts into a well-organized paper. Although in Writing 101, I used the multiple steps of the writing process to insert my ideas into a well-written paper, I continued to struggle in areas such as grammar and mechanics. In Writ 102, I was able to realize that the writing process develops over time, and the best papers result from revision over time. The multi-step writing process that was required for each paper this semester allowed me to develop fundamental revision skills over time that made my writing reach its full potential. When I was first assigned the analysis essay, I was relieved because I had completed a similar paper in Writing 101 the previous semester. I assumed I had this paper in the bag because it was a familiar topic. When composing the first rough draft, I was focused on reaching the required page count, not the mechanics or content of my paper. I realized, when I reexamined the first draft, that I lacked the primary content of the paper. I did not include an analysis of my product’s advertisement. Since I did not analyze my product’s advertisement at all in my first draft, in my second draft I added two adequate paragraphs that analyzed the ad. By adding the analysis, I rectified the lack of content in my paper, which was

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