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Going into the sixth grade was an immense deal for me. I was going from being the oldest in the Piedmont Community Charter Elementary building to becoming one of the youngest in the secondary building. This was an adjustment, I felt like would take some time getting used to. I went from feeling like I was the coolest and biggest to being a tiny little kid. So, of course, I needed to make this transition less difficult for myself. “How should I do this exactly?” I thought, “By wearing the fashionable clothes these middle and high schoolers had ever seen.” Before the big first day, I had to go shopping. Since I was in middle school now, I could wear not only red, blue, and white polos, but any color polo that I chose. I told my mom that I only wanted to wear polos that came from Aeropostale because I was in fact, a little brat. I refused to wear anything that didn’t have that ‘A 87’ logo in the corner. Because ya know I had to impress not only the kids in my grade but everyone older than me. I had a lot of faith in this small emblem to make me fit in better with the other kids. This indeed was a lot of responsibility for some small threading on a shirt. I remember going to the store when it was still in our mall, and buying every shade (that I liked of course) that they had in that polo. My favorite? A neon light blue polo with a purple A87 in the corner. Nevertheless, I also had to have new pants to wear with my brand new shirts. However, I was only somewhat a brat when it

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