Reflection : Substance And Family

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Reflection: Substance and Family Tracy Collins Wilmington University In physical science, the term substance simply refers to a pure form of matter that contains molecules, where a combination of different molecules forms a mixture. In the context of this paper, the term substance relates to drugs and alcohol, which, when misused, bring about undesirable consequences. Drugs can be of varied categories. Addictive drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroine are usually harmful to one’s health as their consumption brings about health complications. Others such as prescription drugs are helpful to people’s health because they cure diseases, but if abused, they can equally harm an individual’s health. The present paper focuses on …show more content…

From my personal observation in my community, people may abuse drug for several reasons. I examine one of the main reasons for one to abuse drugs, which is the failure to socialize with other people around them in the right way. Such people believe that the further they are from the rest of the world, the better their life becomes. For this cause, a person separates himself/herself and quits socializing with others. Eventually, solitude takes its place in such a person, leaving them overwhelmed by loneliness and a feeling of being left out. Being emotionally distant from friends and loved ones erodes the self-confidence of that person. As time goes by, he/she resorts to drug and substance abuse as a substitute of the missing socialization. This occurs when they become confounded by the belief that smoking, drinking or sniffing drugs will set their minds free from isolation and solitude. This habit creates the wrong impression that the more they purchase drugs from their addicted peers, the more they make new friends, and hence the more they are engaging in socialization. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize that this is the wrong way of socializing. In this manner, substance abuse damages both an individual’s life and the community at large with its deleterious effects. I have to state clearly that I have never abused substances either as a child or young adult in my entire life, implying that I am not a direct victim of the effects of substance abuse.

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