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Primark Retail
1. Introduction of Primark.
 Background
Our research purpose
Primark, which was build up in Ireland, is one of the fast fashion leaders in the UK retail market. The all 181 stores spread over Ireland, Spain, and the UK. The competitive advantage of the group is producing volume clothes and selling them in cheap price. Primark sell different catalogue product, women clothing, men clothing, shoes, accessories, baby clothing, children clothing, underwear, swimwear and nightwear. Nearly cover all variety of the clothing. According to Primark website figure, “Primark Stores Lt is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods. Associated British Foods is a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with global …show more content…

Most of Primark’s products are simple, not luxury but fashion, which attracts its customers very much. According to our questionnaire, % think that design is very important.

c).Few promotion, low advertising cost
Primark never do promotion, according to one manager of Primark in London. Regular business is what Primark concerns. In other words, they could pay more attention to the regular business. Cost caused by promotion could be saved. In addition, there are fewer advertisements about Primark which should be a big part of their marketing cost. We could never see brochure in Primark. No billboard of Primark in the street. No advertisement on the internet. But we could see Primark bags in people’s hand along the street. Nevertheless, Primark saves a lot of money in this aspect.

 PLACE---location
Secondly we found out Primark makes a good choice about location. Almost each branch store locates in the high street. From the diagram which we have researched, it could be concluded that location is also one of the most important factors which motivate customers to purchase and make Primark successful. percent of customers would like to consider the location of garment stores when they go shopping. Convenience and easiness are the expectations during each time customer’s purchase. Few customers are willing to spend extra time going to a remote place merely for the purpose of buying clothes. Furthermore, Primark is sensible; it hardly locate the

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