Reflective Essay Of Charter School

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From the day I was born, I had the gift of gab. I could become friends with anyone and there was hardly a moment I was not smiling. In fifth grade, my brother switched to a charter school, which focuses primarily on math and science. To make it easier on the family, my sister and I also enrolled. I was apprehensive about transferring to this school because I was not acquainted with anyone, but I was confident I could bond with anyone in my new class. However, I was not aware of how different this school was from my last. This school was strict and the tests were strenuous. Even though much of my time was spent trying to advance to the same level as the other students, I made an effort to form friendships with my classmates. Then I experienced the way the school disciplines their students for misbehaving, by …show more content…

We would sit and stare at the wall instead of participating in our favored activities such as recess, art, and P.E. Lessons would often come to an abrupt end and a scolding would take its place. Consequently, I did not understand important information that would be on our weekly test. The worst punishment was when the class was doomed to walk back and forth between our school and the school next door; this was about 300 yards. We would be directed to stay in a completely straight line, have our hands out of our pockets, even in the cold, our heads facing forward, and our mouths shut on these walks. If anyone were to step out of line, have their hands in their pockets, or talk, our fate would be to walk another 300 yards. Occasionally, the teachers would have us stand outside in a straight line with the same guidelines for ten minutes. Unfortunately, the clique would often wander out of the line, have their hands in their pockets, or talk, which would add five minutes to our punishment. Teachers from other classes would be sent to our classroom to scream at

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