Reflective Essay On Professional Development

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This professional development activity was different than anything I have presented on in the past. In the past, I have always worked in groups and have never taken on a professional development presentation by myself. Since I was working on this alone, it allowed me to select a topic that I was interested in and that I thought would be useful to my department. The current climate at my school is rather negative, so it seemed like a welcomed change for my department to have a colleague from the school present to them, instead of someone from the district or someone that was hired to present. Before I presented, my main goal was to give another tool to my department to use to reach out to EB students. Although Spanish is the most common language among EB students at my school, we do have a significant number of students who speak one of the eight other languages present at LHS. I believe that our department does a great job of teaching in a culturally relevant way, but there is always room for improvement. By presenting to them about funds of knowledge and how to incorporate it into the classroom, we could identify and share what we already do to integrate our students’ cultural capital and it would also give us a chance to brainstorm and see what we can add to our units to expand the use of our students’ funds of knowledge. I thought that one of the most interesting parts of the presentation was when we all filled out the funds of knowledge survey and then compared and

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