Role Of The Social Care Professional

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The Role of the Social Care Professional

Task 1
AC 1.1 & AC1.2 250 words
Anaylse the role of the social worker and the differences between different professionals and non-professionals involved (multi-disciplinary team)
1.1 – understand the role of the social care professional – analyse the role of a social care professional in social work/community
1.2 – understand the professional qualities and values needed by a social care professional – anaylse the main differences between this role and that of others, professionals and non-professionals, working in the sector.
Analyse is to talk about who, what, when, why and how
The role of the Social care professional is to promote social change, problem solving and empowerment and …show more content…

They provide welfare because of the law through statutory legislations and welfare provisions which are based together. Social work is theory and practical based. This can be done in a professional and non professional way. Professional people are qualified, trained and have research based knowledge. Such as social workers, community mental health nurse, psychiatrist. Which are all regulated to a registered body.
Non professional can be a support work, a student social work and charitable organisations such as NSPCC. – not registered

AC 1.3 250 words
Explain a range of ethical and moral dilemmas which social workers and the team may encounter when dealing with this care – look at case study on the assignment brief.
1.3 – explain a range of ethical and moral dilemmas faced by those in this role
When dealing with ethical and moral dilemmas you have to take a number of different aspects into account. When looking at this case study the moral dilemmas could be; is the service user someone whom lives on their own. If they live on their own they do then need support with their day to day life. If they don’t, are they safe with the person/people they live with or if you took them away from who their live with would this cause more or less harm on the person.
Are people/ workers from the day centre coming back to service users home?
The care that the person needs if they are harmed?
Do more professionals needs to be involved?
Safe guarding – do

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