Reflective Summary of Clinical Supervision Model Essay

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Summary of Clinical Supervision Cycle
The clinical supervision model for conducting observations has been used in the education field for decades. Clinical supervision involves a teacher receiving information from an administrator, colleague, peer coach, or mentor, who has observed the teacher's performance and who serves as both a mirror and a sounding board to aid the teacher in critical examination of a specific aspect of their instruction and possibly alter his or her own professional practice. Clinical supervision is an instruction improving tool in which a high degree of mutual trust and commitment to growth is required on the part of the teacher and observer. The structure of a clinical observation cycle includes …show more content…

The pre-conference gave us both a feeling of preparedness for the observation and eased any tension there may been.
Step 2: Observation
The observation is the follow-through on the pre-conference. The teacher should teach the lesson as well as possible and the supervisor should record events during the lesson as accurately as possible according the methods agreed upon during the preconference.
During the observation I used the back of Form F for general observation notes as well as a two form sheet that I created to quickly record information we specifically discussed in the pre-conference. The first half of the form listed the names of each student in the class, and provided space to tally and calculate the frequency in which Mrs. J called on each student. The second half of the form included a checklist of teaching components. It was too difficult to use Form G during the observation itself because there are so many components and pages. It would have been a distraction to the teacher.
Having the smaller forms to use was a major benefit to me. If I had tried to observe and record the specifics we discussed without having the specialized forms it would have been even more difficult to keep up with than it was. I feel like the observation step was the hardest for me because the time flew by so fast and I was responsible for collecting evidence to help Mrs. J improve her teaching. In order to make a

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