Refletive Essay : A Day I Will Never Forget?

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February 2, 2015 is a day I will never forget. It wasn’t supposed to be a day that was going to have so much meaning to me but sadly it is. This event had both negative effects and in the long term, only a few positive effects. It was just an average day at school, getting by in my classes and going to gym class which is where it all happened. My class was playing field hockey and our of nowhere, a guy (I won’t mention a name) came up out of no where while not paying attention and ran into me. He didn’t mean to but he is just one of those people who I feel has no common sense at times and doesn’t pay attention but I do not blame him for it today. I fell straight on my back on the hard, wooden gym floor, hitting the back of my head giving me a major concussion. I’ve never been the type to miss school, to be exact I have missed five full days of school since sixth grade. To me though, those five days have been connected to my concussion. Having the concussion taught me that when I am injured through a sport or some physical activity, I need time off. I learned this the hard way because when I got my concussion, I did not go home, I kept walking and going on with my day when I should have been resting only making my condition worse. I remember that on this day I made sure I waited until 11:25 to go home just so it would count as a full day. I have learned that I need time for myself even if it means ruining a record such as a perfect attendance. At the time I was an athlete

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