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Summary – This case looks a decision that George Hausman, the co-founder and CEO of Refresh Organics (RO), makes regarding creating a board of directors. RO is a midsize, steadily growing, privately owned company which is a distributor of organic produce. RO has never had a formal board of directors, but Hausman had several close business advisors who he consulted with regularly and referred to as “the kitchen cabinet.” Hausman considered putting together a true board of directors or if simply making an advisory council would be better suited for the needs of RO. Ultimately, Hausman decided to form a board of directors of ten members, including himself and three out of four members of “the kitchen cabinet,” replacing his wife, an …show more content…

Finally, Hausman needs to evaluate the cost. Since members of a board of directors have a great responsibility for the company, they are compensated accordingly, whereas members of an advisory board are not compensated or compensated to a lesser degree. Members Characteristics – Overall, Hausman did a good job on assembling his board of directors. When determining who will make a good board member there are several things to look for. First a good board has an expert in legal matters, accounting, marketing, human resources, and finance. The only expert missing from RO’s board is a human resources expert. Next it is important to ensure that all board members will be able to regularly attend meetings. While most board members were local, several were not, and it was an area RO could improve. Also for outside members of the board, it is important to have knowledge of the industry and/or target market. With the appointment of the EVP of a large health snack company, Hausman made a good appointment (although location is an issue), but the knowledge that the CEO of the tech company may bring to the table may not be valuable. Finally, it is important to have complimentary personality traits. Overall, the RO’s board of directors is a strong, valuable board. Why join a Board of Directors – There are many reasons to join a board of directors beyond the

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