Refugee One Swot Analysis Paper

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Refugee One SWOT Analysis
Over 2,758 refugees arrived to Chicago in 2014 alone. It means a large number of re-settlers are going to find a place in the world again. They’ll have to find a place to live, learn English, get a job, send kids to school and so on. This could be intimidating since most of those people can’t speak English, are unfamiliar with American culture, and all of those needs have to be fulfilled at the same time. The refugees have a tremendous pressure to adapt and find their place in the community that they’ve been settled. To make the process smoother a non-profit organization Refugee One specializes in Refugee resettlement services. Refugee One has many strengths and opportunities; however, it has to fix its weaknesses
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The organization is foregoing telling volunteers about their organization and why they’re there. I think volunteer and the organization’s motivations are misaligned. As we heard in our Lincoln Park Zoo field trip, if volunteers are not aligned with the organization, they might start acting within their own rules. Most of the volunteers are students either from college or high school and some are interns. After seeing people in action for a few days, it is clear that volunteers are focus on the end and not the process of helping. This creates problems where they have lack of motivation to do an outstanding job and instead settle for just passing time until they can get out. According to [OTT footnote], when managing volunteers, they must know a clear reason why they’re there. It also ties up with Simon Sinek talk where he argues that why is very important question which drives behavior [Simon Sinek…show more content…
Therefore, Refugee’s one biggest threat is a change in the government because 70% of their funds come from them. In case of a change of leadership which would be less favorable of supporting refugees, the organization could be in trouble in terms of funding. Also, some of their funding is tied to their performance which in the subdivision I been serving is measured by the level of English refugee kids was able to obtain. In case Refugee One is unable to reach a predetermined level of English speaking, writing, and reading skills their funding might be curtailed. Because Refugee One is a non-profit, and not a government organization, their funding depends on quality of their service and relevance of its mission; therefore, the organization must keep up its performance. The last threat I recognized is economic downturn which might mean reduction in funding since both the government and individuals suffer financially and cut down on their
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