Relational Database And Relational Databases

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3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 Graph Databases
A graph database represents data and relationships between this data using concepts from graph data structures like nodes, edges and properties. Nodes represents the data entities, properties represent information about the nodes and edges which connect two nodes or a node and a property represent the relationship between the connected elements. [1] Figure 3.1 Property Graph Model [2]
3.1.2 Triple stores
Triple store is a specific implementation of a graph database that is optimized for storing and retrieval of triples. A triple is a representation of data in subject-predicate-object relationship. [3]
3.2 Comparison with Relational Database systems
3.2.1 Graph Database and Relational database
Relational databases have a fixed schema. Each table is a set of rows, each of which has a fixed set of attributes. This type of structure implies that all the rows have values for all the attributes for this representation to be efficient. However, in recent years, there has been an explosion of unstructured information like tweets, product reviews, semantic web etc which cannot be represented in the structured format demanded by the tables. Moreover, it becomes very difficult to find patterns in a table as it would involve joins of many tables. In contrast, in graph databases, each element in the database contains a direct connection to its adjacent element. This information helps us to easily find the interconnectedness of the nodes and

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