Relationship Between Infatuation And Infatuation

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There’s certain people that when you see them smile or laugh, their eyes glitter in the most admirable fashion and their mouths show their teeth and they look so full of love and happiness that you can’t help but smile fondly to yourself. Love. What an odd word. L-O-V-E. How do you know when you love someone? Is it when you always think about them and can 't get them out of your head? Is it when you smile at the mere sound of their voice? Is it when you elope with them to another country? Or maybe you rob a bank together. Or perhaps you two become the next Bonnie and Clyde. Whatever. Friendship love is so pure, I think. Romantic love can be deceiving and saucy and unstable and everything in between. Infatuation is supposedly different than love. Infatuation is like when you go to the store and see a toy you love. Then you buy it for like $50 and the next month, you dump it with the rest of your toys because it doesn 't really have the same spark that it once had. That 's how people are. They get married in their twenties, apparently “love” each other and then get a divorce a few years later. Love is rare. Love is like that gorgeous necklace your grandma has had for decades and wears everyday proudly because she loves it. Love is stupid and unnecessary and belongs to the devil and it can kiss my ass. And that what a person desperately in love says. I 'm properly in love. I am. I 'm sure that I love her. I went to the Taste of Chicago and I stopped a food
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