Relationship Between Marketing And Marketing

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data they collected found that potential stakeholders looked for personalized schools that met the need of their child. The relationship that was formed by the school and the potential student was driven by market demands. Their work points out the strain caused by the market pressures of consumers which may alter the quality of the education and the mission of the school.
Theoretical Framework
The emergent literature is grounded in a theoretical framework that uses Relationship Marketing as a prime contributor to research. According to Al-Hamed, & Amin, (2014) relationship marketing is “a philosophy that an organization should try to provide products that satisfy customers’ needs through a coordinated set of activities that also allows the organization to achieve its goals” (p.48). Baker (2014) suggests that marketing efforts must identify the means of delivery of the message whether it is through media, technology, or personal contact to deliver the communication. Relationship Marketing Theory holds that every marketing encounter involves a relationship between the stakeholders in a transaction-based situation and the organization providing the service or goods and products. According to Palmatier, Dant, & Grewal (2007), “Relationship marketing (RM) is the process of identifying, developing, maintaining, and terminating relational exchanges with the purpose of enhancing performance”(p.3). RM is closely related the Social Exchange Theory (SET) where there is a
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