Relationship Between The Student 's Success And Learning Style

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In my research I chose four students in my math class at the Levine campus at CPCC. I decided to study the relationship between the student’s success and learning style. In a recent video I seeing, it states that there are different way student’s learn. Three learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The students I chose to study are four students and each are from different background, but same gender. Based on grades and class participation I decided to evaluate them and see how these strategies take effect on each one. All female students were sitting in different locations of the classroom. Each student walks in class and sits with their friends to socialize. Most of them sit and discussed previous class lectures or asked other peers for help. The one’s I chose to evaluate would come in class just a few minutes before class began. I studied their routine and the way that they paid attention to the lecture and how many are successful in class. The first student, S1, walks in class before the other three students. She sits in front of the class to the side, takes out her laptop, snack, notebook, calculator, and pencil pouch. During lecture she would be working on other class assignments and writing on her notebook. I noticed that when she heard the instructor go over a particular topic she would take out her second notebook and take notes. Towards the middle of the class, she would close her laptop and eat her snack and just listen to the lecture. The second
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