Relationships And The Family

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Do all past relationships change who people are in their future, even if it's a good relationship? All the answers to this will not be the same. Relationships can change people in a good way or in a bad way. People can take these relationships to the heart and way too serious. Others wouldn´t take it too seriously and wouldn't care. Relationships can make people stronger and also people can make them miserable. People can have a bad relationship with their family. For example, the story, ¨Without Title: for my father who lived without ceremony¨ by Diane Glancy. In the story, a girl never appreciated her father until she grew up and realized her father was sacrificing everything for her and the family. My personal experience is I never would appreciate my parents until I grew up and now I have a great relationship with both. Now, I really appreciate them for every little thing they do for me and the family. I even appreciate my older brother because he´s like a second father to me and he´s like my best friend. A lot of people have a great relationship with …show more content…

For example, ¨The Glass Castle¨, it´s about a memoir of Jeannette Walls and it´s about every detail of her life of the past and future. Herself and her father have a very special bond together but when she grew up and finally realized how her father really is, their bond really changed. She thinks her dad is a bad father when she was in her high school years. My personal experience is about my very close bond with my best friend. We're going to know each other for 3 years, but our bond isn't the same. Someone came into his life and changed everything. Now, I wonder if we're still best friends. A bond you have/had with a significant other won't be the same or can be the same it depends on what goes on in each other's

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