Reliability, Reliability And Reliability

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Validity and reliability are key aspects of all research. These two factors can make a significant difference between a well conducted research paper and a poor research paper, and can help to ensure the creditability and trustworthiness of information gathered. This is vital when performing qualitative research, as the researcher’s subjectivity may cause data to be interpreted incorrectly. Validity and reliability of research is specifically important where research findings are being viewed with scepticism (Brink, 1993:1).

It is important to address the trustworthiness of research study findings. Trustworthiness is about establishing the credibility, transferability, confirmability and dependability of researcher’s …show more content…

South Africa has a shortage of 22 000 qualified accountants, according to the South African Institute of Chartered Accountancy. The Department of Higher Education has acknowledged the shortage, and has decided to review the qualification process, as well as reduce barriers to entry at university level (Innocenti, 2009:1) South Africa’s education system will not function effectively, until various education factors are resolved. These factors include, the weak functionality of institutions, poor knowledge content of teachers, and insufficent learning time for students (Masondo, 2016:1).

According to N. Bothma (2016), student numbers at universities have doubled since 1994, but approximately 45% of students entering, drop-out without obtaining the relevant qualification. Lack of finance contributes enormously toward the drop-out rates. Another factor which contributes towards the high drop-out rates is student’s unpreparedness for higher education. 5. CONCLUSIONS AND

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