Remain Unaffected By Others

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How to Remain Unaffected By Others
There’s a laundry list of ways others can get under your skin. You might share an opinion or idea and someone rudely shoots it down. Maybe someone who is always complaining starts rubbing off on you. When it’s all said and done, you cannot control the behavior of others. You can only control your reaction to them. So, develop emotional detachment with others by letting go of their opinions about you, filtering out the negative, and gaining inner peace.
===Releasing Worries about Others’ Opinions===
#Create mental space between you and others. You have a choice about how you respond to others, so choose not to take things so personally. To stop taking things so personally, create a mental space …show more content…

Perhaps you might select an outfit to wear to an event without getting feedback from a friend. Gradually make tougher decisions like deciding on a travel destination or picking a career path.
#*Of course, you don’t have to make these decisions completely on your own. It’s smart to do your research and bounce ideas off others. The key here is to not let others decide for you.
#Stand strong in your beliefs. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Disagreement is necessary for people to grow and change. Don’t fall into the habit of doubting your beliefs or decisions simply because someone else found a problem with them.
#*Take a stand if someone is always pressing you to change your beliefs. A simple “My mind is made up on this subject” should do the trick.
#*At the same time, don’t be afraid to open your ears to differing opinions or relax your beliefs to consider new possibilities.
#Talk it out with someone you trust. Stewing inwardly about someone who insulted you or disagreed with you only makes the problem worse. One way to stop letting others affect you is to stop holding it in. Go to your best friend or a close relative and tell them what happened.
#*Talking to someone else about it helps you release the negative energy. Plus, speaking about it aloud may help

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