Remittances Workers Life

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The Remittances Life What I have learned in this chapter about remittances and how they work, is that they don’t make a lot of money per months and they don’t have a good quality of life. Remittances worker do not have a hand to help them. Remittances workers don’t have an easy life to support themselves in an economy way. Also, remittances life can give you a lot of trouble, because your undocumented in the country. Remittances worker they don’t give benefit the country’s economy. I will give you the most negative effects of them. One of my first negative reason is that remittances workers don’t have their families loves. Remittances have been working in the united states since they came here, because they are undocumented and separated…show more content…
Example from the reading is that” Arlene lives with her father and young brother in Key West. She works at a laundromat and at a café, and send most of her $300 – a month earning home to her mother and others brother in Managua”. This quote means that remittances are sending most of their money home. Remittances make less than $ 30,000 a year. When their sending money home like $300. She would pay as much as $45. For my last negative reason is that remittances worker need to be careful, because they are undocumented in the country. The remittances worker can not even take a plane to travel. When you are undocumented in the country you can not do many things like you can not reported the money to their social security and federal taxes. Remittances worker don’t get the education that they deserved. Remittances worker are doing the best they can to support their family and themselves. For conclusion, this is all what I can tell you about the remittances worker life. Remittances are not a bad person. The only problem that remittances has is that they just undocumented. Remittances worker don’t have the rights as much rights like people with documented people for example they don’t access to health care. Also they don’t have their family and beloved
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