Remodation Letter For Neonatal Recommendation

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Dear Department Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee

I am writing this letter to enthusiastically recommend Dr Yogendra Raol for the position of Associate Professor at the University of Colorado. It is great knowing Dr Raol for the past 5 years and 8 months as a Faculty in the Department of Pediatrics, at The University of Colorado, and as a fine scientist in the field of epilepsy. Consequently, I had extensive interactions with him as a postdoctoral trainee after joining his NIH funded project since November 2011.

Initially, I learnt about his research when I was looking for career advancement after my initial doctoral training at NIMHANS, Bangalore, India. I was interested to undergo training in epilepsy research and wanted to …show more content…

Furthermore, if they are untreated, it might lead to mental retardation and intellectual disability in adulthood. I have no doubt that such creative initiative will surely benefit other epilepsy and brain injury researchers at Children’s hospital and the University of Colorado. Such trainings and knowledge about how to carry out such innovative work will surely help me to develop some other gadgets or other technical innovations in future. The hypoxia ischemia chamber in his lab is one of its kind in the nation and a masterpiece to be cherished by the University of Colorado.

Research mentorship for Postdoctoral and other doctoral trainees
I have observed him as a good teacher dedicated to disseminate knowledge to students, who seek him for guidance. He was very happy to interact with students, but remained focused on teaching the research material and techniques. I have seen him seamlessly connecting with MD-PhD students from Prof Amy Brooks-Kayal’s lab and significant others from the Children’s Hospital and the University of Colorado who approached him to learn research techniques. He has patiently trained such students to successfully complete their projects.

I used to interact with him regularly during lab meetings. Teaching was part of his mentoring, including ways of troubleshooting methodological errors in experiments and means of fixing them. Our first paper was on the characterization of neonatal seizures after hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

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