Repairing Potholes Research Paper

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After every winter storm, asphalt contractors receive calls from customers who insist that the storm left their asphalt pavement riddled with potholes. In reality, the storm was probably just the proverbial straw, and the stage was set for the development of potholes long before the storm. Although it is true that in rare cases, improper installation can lead to potholes soon after the pavement is built, potholes typically result from neglect. How Neglect Leads to Potholes Asphalt pavement is installed over a compacted foundation that supports the weight of the pavement as well as the traffic load. Anything that weakens the foundation also weakens the pavement. By far, the most common cause of a weakened foundation is water infiltration. Breaks…show more content…
The potholes allow more water to penetrate, resulting in more foundation damage, and in turn, more pavement damage will occur. Before long, the integrity of the entire pavement has been so compromised that complete replacement is the only solution. Therefore, it is important to have all cracks repaired as soon as possible to prevent water infiltration. Repairing Potholes Asphalt contractors can employ several different methods to repair potholes. The precise method depends on factors such as the condition of the asphalt pavement surrounding the pothole and the scope of the repair needed. Infrared technology can be used to melt the edges of the pothole so that new asphalt can be introduced. In some cases, a patch can be installed after the pothole is filled. At other times, the best method is to use a saw to remove a block of pavement surrounding the pothole and install new pavement. Who to Call for Help Fahrner Asphalt Sealers is a full-service asphalt maintenance provider with over 35 years of experience. We offer an extensive range of services to customers throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. In addition to pothole repair, we can provide you with sealcoating, crack filling, pavement markings, asphalt patching and more. We are dedicated to exceptional workmanship, competitive prices and outstanding customer service. You can complete the online form to request a free estimate or call
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