Report On Resource Management Issues And Quality Concepts

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Report on Resource Management Issues and quality concepts in the context of Housing Organisation (Twin Valley Homes).
An analysis of Resource Management issues within the Housing sector and effective use of resouces.
To find out effective use of resources within the organisation.
To find out relevant resource management issues.
To discuss quality concepts in the context of housing organisation.
To discuss the performance of organisational objectives.
To discuss the principles for managing change.
To review the importance of effective communication in a changing environment. Introduction:
In this report the description of Human resource management issues has been described for the housing orgnaisation named as Twin Valley Homes which is growing faster in Blackburn with Darwen and providing shelter to homeless and old people.
Definition of HRM
According to Armstrong,
"Human resource management can be defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organisation 's most valued assets; the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives."(Armstrong, 2001, pp.3-4). Explanation of HRM
According to Armstrong,(2001) the main purpose of Human resource management is to ensure that the organisation is able to achieve success through people. Human resource management is concerned with achieving goals in resourcing and development, valuing
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