Reproductive Specialist ( Reproduction, Speciation & Symbiosis )

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Devipriya: Reproductive Specialist (Reproduction, Speciation & Symbiosis)
Sarina: Epidemiologist (Human Disease, Vector Control & Virus/Phage)

Is it possible to have a bacterial infection that selectively kills males? If so, explain the biology.
How has this strange biology propagated throughout the species?
The illness does not respond to any known treatments. As biologists, how might you stop the spread of this disease?
Briefly describe the basic biology of Wolbachia.

What is meant by an obligate, intracellular symbiont?
It cannot reproduce outside of the host’s cell, meaning that the parasite’s reproduction is dependent on the host
An obligate intracellular symbiont cannot reproduce outside of the host’s cell which …show more content…

These effects can cause an entire population to have a small gene pool because of speciation which put all of them in one spot, and after a little bit of time, it will make the entire colony have wolbachia.
How can we "cure" the host of asexual reproduction?
The cure to rid the host of wolbachia is antibiotics. Antibiotics can neutralize the impact of wolbachia on people and other different insects. We would inject the antibiotics into them and as they mate with other insects, the endosymbiont would make its way into the DNA of the insects and then it will be a constant in the species. This would render wolbachia useless, and humans would not be impacted by the disease either.
Speciation in Insects
What is meant by reproductive isolation? How can it lead to speciation?
The insects that go through reproductive isolation end up not being able to cross breed with any other species. However speciation can lead to by the matter of when time changes what might happen is insects might become more used to different places and overtime change the way they act even with reproductive isolation.
How does Wolbachia influence speciation?
Wolbachia can impact speciation by a matter of the infected and uninfected species mating with each other. If two uninfected insects have taken an antibiotic and mated then the offspring will be normal. The infected ones no matter what will just become more and more infected because it passes through the parent to

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