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Trying to find appropriate childcare while working is one of the problems faced by working parents. The impact of childcare complications for a workplace, education of children, and society as a rule, still can't seem to be all around coordinated into national approaches. For guardians who work for money or might want to work, childcare is a worry that is practically general. One way that specialists have been accepting different sorts of help with childcare is through their working environment. This paper is going to discuss three main topics that focus on discrimination on working mothers, child care in workplaces, and should stay at home parents receive a paycheck from the government. Families to improve their living standards, both …show more content…

"The Government activity shouldn't be taking money from people just so that lazy parents could get paid. There is the mass that works hard everyday and still, don't have money to livelihood themselves.”. (" N. p., 2017. Web. 16 Dec. 2017.) Many working mothers have faced discrimination during pregnancy and paternal leave. Discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick discovered indisputable evidence that discrimination of parents who have children is a widespread issue which discourages working parents, and women during labor force. ("Half Of Working Mothers Face Discrimination At Work, Study Finds.") This report is the most comprehensive subject of workplace discrimination towards parents. 49% of mothers and 29% of fathers have experienced discrimination at work. A parent is more likely to face discrimination near large work buildings. Elizabeth Broderick displayed a large proportion of men and women who didn't report discrimination 91% of women and 95% of men. ("Half Of Working Mothers Face Discrimination At Work, Study Finds.") In 1970, 38% of women make up half of the labor force. This forty year trend has been serviced by public consent about women changing role in the society. A majority of Americans dislike the idea of women going back to their traditional roles. The more women take an active role in the labor force, public viewpoint increasingly became supportive towards the new reality. 1987, 30% of Americans think women should return their

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